Star Dust

I sometimes write poetry and here is one that I wrote recently. I hope you all like it!

I closed my eyes to the imminent night
and fell asleep to the sound of light
wandering in a distant galaxy far away
where war and poverty aren’t seen any day
the stars clusters and glorious scenes my eyes behold
and the rainbow of colours in the nebulae unfold
I stopped by to watch a comet drift
into the dark abyss of a whirling lift
where current, future and the past are mixed
where you, me and the universe may never exist
I moved ahead to a valley of stars
where giant explosion had left craters and scars
The creation and destruction never stop
like waves on the ocean that rise and fall
I heard a faint neutron star calling my name
and saw a bright quasar playing a game
my dreams disappeared with the ending night
the stars fading into a distant sight
I woke up with a muddled mind
but whatever I saw was beautiful and kind
and I know I will see it all again
maybe tomorrow or in a million years
floating in time and I will not rust
as I will always remain a mote of star dust


Clear skies!


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