M27 in Vulpecula

M27 (Dumbell nebula or Apple core nebula) is a beautiful and a bright planetary nebula in the constellation of Vulpecula. This is one of the first deepsky objects that I peered through my telescope and fell in love with, instantly. The age of this planetary is roughly 10000 years and so in cosmic terms it is only a recent explosion. It is believed to be located at a distance of 1360 light years from us.

This object is so bright that I only needed a couple of minutes of exposure to image it.

Details of Acquisition:

Telescope: Explore Scientific 8″ carbon fibre Newtonian with coma corrector

Camera: Modified Canon Xs Rebel

Guide Camera: DSI MEADE

Mount: Celestron Advanced VX

Exposure: 2 mins X 45 (light frames)

ISO: 1600

Processing: Stacking using DeepSkyStacker andPprocessing using Fitswork and Adobe PhotoShop

Outside Temperature: 20 C





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