The moving object in the animated GIF image is Comet C/2016 A8. This comet is extremely faint and has an apparent magnitude of 14. In layman’s terms, the comet is 1.5 million times fainter than the brightest star in the night sky, Sirius.

Currently, the comet is traversing the constellation of Vulpecula at 10 pm and is at a distance of 1 Astronomical unit (150 million kilometers) from Earth.  The next time, the comet will be this close to us, is in 2223.  Bye Bye comet – will not see you next time….

Image acquisition details:

Telescope: Explore Scientific 8 inch Reflector Telescope, F/3.9

Camera: Canon XS Rebel

Guide Camera: MEADE DSI

Mount: Celestron Advanced VX

Exposure:35 x 180 seconds (1.5 hours) at ISO 1600

Date of capture: 02 Sep 2016

Temperature: 10 c

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