Welcome to my Backyard Astronomy website! My name is Balaji and I am an avid backyard astronomer. I started doing visual astronomy in 2012 with a 10 inch Orion Dobsonian telescope. The very first night, I looked at the stars with my telescope from my backyard in Southern Ontario, Canada, I understood that this was going to be my life time hobby.

Over the years, I remember seeing so many beautiful things; stars, clusters, galaxies, nebulae, planetary nebulae, quasars, supernovae, comets, planets, asteroids and even man-made satellites but I realize that there are still countless other beautiful things to be seen. The famous astronomer, Carl Sagan,  once said "Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known" and I truly believe in his words and that is why I try and do stargazing on every clear night of the year.

The night sky is kind of time machine. You look at the universe as it looked like in the past. To an observer located in another galaxy, you will only be born after a few million years. There is always a point in space where your yesterday, today and tomorrow will happen in the future and it will keep happening everyday for as long as there is space for light to travel. I find this mind numbing! So essentially this means that you, me and everyone on this planet and the Universe are eternal. So let's only do good and make a good impression that will last forever.

I have always wanted to share what I see through the telescope with my family, friends, colleagues and the public and I think this website will allow me to do that with ease. Bookmark this website and come back to see what I see with my telescopes 🙂 I promise, you will not be disappointed!

If you have any questions or just want to say a friendly "Hi" to me then please do not hesitate to contact me. You can also contact me via Facebook or Linkedin through the social media buttons located at the bottom of the page.

Clear Skies and take care of the people that you love.